Health Care

All the living beings require Water as the most basic and important element for drinking to live as there can be no life possible without water and thus all the known forms of life on earth depend upon water as a vital element of life. Thus drinking water in good proportionality in everyday provides a person with good healthy lifestyle, concludes a report by the Amen Clinic. The more water you drink throughout the day, better it is for the systems of the body. The most efficient time is consumption of water in the morning immediately after waking up even without brushing up your teeth. Thus, 1.50 litres – which is about half a gallon – of water, if consumed every morning immediately after waking up and one hour prior to eating anything or drinking anything else cures small and big diseases like constipation, high sugar and acidity. It also helps in curing the problem of high Blood Pressure.

Apart from potentially curing the above mentioned diseases, regular water consumption helps in effective digestion, which in turn absorbs the nutrients in the body effectively. This helps in making fresh blood, which itself is the most important element for curing ailments and boosting energy for the body. Therefore water is the inseparable aspect of every living beings life and also a boon for enhancing human beings life. It is indeed the essence of life.

Alternative medicines are defined as any other practice adopted instead of conservative western medicines, thus it is the medicine that involves only non-traditional methods. It includes practices like massage and meditation. Alternative medicines also includes the adoption of Hindu Ayurvedic therapies which include changes in the pattern of diet, regular practices of yoga and also developing connecting among the mind, spirit and body. It also includes Chinese therapies thatheal, like acupuncture which is the practice of pressuring specific points by fine needles and also using of herbal plants. Nowadays a large and ever increasing number of people are showing interests in the alternative medicines for treating illness, as a result it is in the ambit of controversies for its significance in the medical field. Thus, questions are raised about the safe and effective use of these alternative medicines.

Evidences are emerging in the society regarding the effectiveness of alternative medicines, especially Yoga and diet pattern changes, tough both these things require huge amount of care and caution and strictness in following these practices. But it is in a way becoming a good effective healer of diseases. The evidences about Yoga and connecting mind, body and spirit can be understood by the facts that large groups of population in India and also in Abroad are following it. Even the celebrities or film stars are practicing yoga and also encouraging that among the masses of people. Therefore Ayurvedic practices or treatments like yoga, herbal plants consumption; etc is all gaining huge importance in the life of people nowadays. Thus, it is evident from these that alternative medicines are to a huge extent effective and curable medicines.